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Using online help
Sending email
Configuring your email client
       Introduction to email clients
       Configuring Agent
       Configuring Claris Emailer (Mac)
       Configuring Email Connection
       Configuring Eudora
       Configuring Microsoft Exchange
       Configuring Microsoft Internet Mail
       Configuring Microsoft Outlook Express
       Configuring Netscape Mail
       Configuring Pegasus Mail
       Configuring Pine
       Configuring your client for secure email
Administering your email with EasyMail
       Introduction to EasyMail
       Administering email accounts with EasyMail
Administering your email with WebMail
       Getting started with WebMail
             Introduction to WebMail
             Cookies and WebMail
             Optimizing WebMail performance
             Logging in to your account
             Connection time limit
             Logging out of WebMail
       Sending and receiving messages
             Introduction to the Mail function
             Organizing messages using folders
             Description of the message summary
             Managing folders
                   Managing folders
                   Deleting a folder
                   Adding a folder
                   Renaming a folder
                   Viewing folder statistics
                   Folder naming convention
             Viewing and responding to messages
                   Viewing a message
                   Understanding the message header
                   Adding the sender to your contact list
                   Using addresses and URLs in a message
                   Deleting a message while viewing it
                   Replying to a message
                   Replying to all recipients of a message
                   Forwarding a message
                   Recomposing a message
                   Printing a message
             Selecting or deselecting a message
             Deleting or undeleting a message
             Copying and moving messages
             Creating a new message
                   Creating a new message
                   Addressing message with or without contacts
                   Entering a message subject
                   Creating attachments
                   Entering the message body
                   Spell checking
                   Sending a message
                   Saving a message draft
             Saving a message externally
             Refreshing the message list
       Organizing your daily schedule
             Introduction to the Schedule function
             Date viewing methods
             Display of schedule entries
             Selecting daily or monthly view
             Adding a schedule item
             Editing a recurring schedule item
             Deleting a schedule item
             Updating a schedule item
             Using groups to organize schedule items
             Moving schedule items
             Range of dates supported
             Performing schedule maintenance
       The main page - your account overview
             Introduction to the main page
       Grouping users and items
             Introduction to groups
             Adding a group
             Group naming convention
             Viewing group information
             Placing an object in a group
             Adding a member to a group
             Editing a group
             Deleting a group
       Configuring your WebMail account
             Setting preferences
             Preference settings by function
                   Global preferences
                   Main page
                   My Contact
       Managing your contact list
             Introduction to the Contacts function
             Description of the contact summary
             Creating a contact
             Using groups to organize contacts
             Selecting or deselecting a contact
             Deleting a contact
             Copying and moving contacts
             Importing contacts from Outlook and Netscape
       ToDo list management
             Introduction to the ToDo function
             Description of the ToDo display
             Adding a ToDo item
             Deleting a ToDo item
             Updating a ToDo item
             Using groups to organize ToDo items
             Moving ToDo items
       Searching Webmail
             Introduction to the Search function
             Searching for bookmarks
             Searching for contacts
             Searching globally
             Searching for mail
             Searching for notes
             Searching for schedule items
             Searching for ToDo list items
       Writing notes
             Introduction to the Notes function
             Writing a note
             Updating a note
             Deleting a note
             Viewing a note
             Using groups to share notes
       Keeping track of Internet bookmarks
             Introduction to the Bookmark function
             Description of the bookmark display
             Adding a bookmark
             Deleting a bookmark
             Updating a bookmark
             Using a bookmark
             Using groups to organize bookmarks
             Moving a bookmark
Professional and Advanced Webmail help
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