The preference settings for the Schedule function are:

Default group for new items - The group that new ToDo list items are placed into. The default is "Unfiled".

Default group to view in feature The group that is displayed when you view your ToDo list. The default is "ALL."

Default sort order for ToDo list - The default order in which to sort the ToDo list. Choices are item, group and priority.

Invert sort order - The default sort order is ascending. If you check this box, your sort order will be descending.

Default priority for new items - ToDo list items are assigned a priority from zero to ten. This option sets the default priority.

Number of items to index on one screen - The number of ToDo list items that can be viewed on one screen. The default number is 10. As the number of ToDo items displayed on a screen increases, the time to load the page increases.

Default due date type This option allows you to select the way the due date will be selected by default for your ToDo list items by default. This due date will be displayed on the main ToDo list page next to each list item.  Choices are Never, On date and On date/time.