Date viewing methods

WebMail provides several ways to navigate and view dates. You can view the entire year, different months, weeks, days and the present day.


From the main schedule page, you can view the calendar for the entire year by clicking the “Yearly view” link.


From the main schedule page, months can be viewed by clicking the calendar's forward and reverse arrows. The reverse arrow displays the month previous to the one currently displayed while the forward arrow displays the next month.

For a larger, more detailed display of the entire month’s schedule items, click the “Calendar” link.


You can view your schedule a week at a time by clicking the weekly view link.


You can view a specific day by clicking the desired day on the calendar. You can also choose a day by using the fields at the bottom of the main schedule page. To use the field method, select the desired month, day and year. Click the "Go" button at the bottom right of the page to view the selected day.

Current day

To view the current day, click one of the "Go to today" links on the main schedule page. The current date is controlled by the server and cannot be set by the user.

You can toggle between daily, weekly and monthly views by clicking on the "Daily View," "Weekly View," and "Monthly View" links.