Introduction to EasyMail

EasyMail is an application within the WebsiteOS control panel.  It removes 100% of the hassle and frustration associated with administering local mail services. It completely eliminates the need for specialized hardware on your premises. We administer it from our network and give you access to our innovative EasyMail Wizard and remote email administration tools. These tools will assist you with all aspects of running a corporate email network. You can change your employees' Internet email addresses, delete old accounts and create new ones, all from one simple interface.  

All EasyMail accounts are POP3 accounts. This means that your mail sits on our servers until you download it to your email software. The accounts can also be accessed by IMAP mail clients, which store all mail and folders on the server. Additional email accounts are available in bundles of 5. Please contact us for current pricing.

You can forward your EasyMail accounts to any existing email accounts, whether they reside on our servers or not.