Uploading with FTP

A major requirement for maintaining a successful website is a good FTP program. Two such programs are WS-FTP and CuteFTP, both of which are available from TUCOWS, along with other FTP programs.


Once you have installed the program, you will need to set up a connection to us. Set the Host name as your domain name (in the form of "yourname.com"), and enter your domain and password. Once you are connected to the Internet, open the program, and double click on the connection you have created.


If you are having particular problems setting up your FTP software, be sure to check the help files that come with the software, or send email to the author of the package for the quickest response.


After logging in, you will be automatically put into your home directory. You will need to move to your public directory. In a graphical FTP program, all you need do is double click on the public folder in your home directory on our server. In WS-FTP, the center of your screen will have two buttons, which will allow you to upload and download files.