Introduction to ColdFusion

ColdFusion, currently being developed by Macromedia, is a complete web application server for developing and delivering scalable e-business applications. The ColdFusion solution consists of two related packages:


ColdFusion Studio: Tightly integrated with ColdFusion Server, ColdFusion Studio provides visual programming, database and debugging tools for building sophisticated web applications.


ColdFusion Server: ColdFusion Server offers all the runtime services for delivering your e-business applications built on a highly scalable and open architecture.


ColdFusion uses a tag-based, server scripting language that is ideal for programming web applications. Processed entirely on the server, the ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) cleanly integrates with HTML for user interface and XML for data exchange. Both open and extensible, CFML supports more than 70 server-side tags, 200 functions and 800 third-party components. In addition, ColdFusion supports Java and C++.