Configure Pine

Use these settings to configure  Pine to check your email using IMAP.  There is no POP option for Pine.


Mail Server :

inbox-path:  {}inbox

personal-name:  username



Pine Setup Tutorial


1. Open Pine and choose the "SETUP" option.


2. Choose "C" (Config) from the setup menu.


3. Set the "inbox-path" configuration to read:  {mailservername/user=mailusername}inbox


Example:  If your email address is

inbox-path = {}inbox


4. Make sure the personal-name configuration is set to your "From:" name and the user-domain configuration is set to your email address domain.


Example:   If you email address is

personal-name = Billy Bob

user-domain =


5. The other fields are not necessary. Accept the changes by pressing "Enter" and exit the setup menu by pressing "e".